Michael is a specialist in space, satellite and systems domains working with the US Department of Defense, NASA, Boeing, Ball Aerospace, and Cisco. His specialities span business development, strategic planning, marketing, product development, programme management and systems engineering. Michael has also worked with ESA, DLR, CNES, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Loral, MDA, Thales Alenia, numerous US universities and research laboratories, and many other leading aerospace and high technology organisations. Michael created and led the development of several transformational programs including at NASA the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. He also created the partnership between NASA and the DLR that enabled the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, the world’s largest and most sophisticated airborne observatory.   At Boeing, Michael led product and business development in space robotic and science missions where he was responsible for all aspects of the development of new space business (marketing, strategy, sales, teaming, acquisitions, R&D investment planning, proposal team leadership and technical management.)  He has had direct responsibility of high technology development budgets exceeding $500 million per year and project teams of hundreds of engineers and scientists. Michael’s formal education started with a BSE from Princeton University in Aerospace & Mechanical Sciences & Engineering Physics. It continued with 2 Master degrees from George Washington University, one in R&D Management and one in Electrical Engineering, with specialties in communications, antennas and controls.  He is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, has a patent involving advanced antenna technology and has authored numerous technical publications.  


  • Business Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Programme Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Space
  • Satellites
  • Robotics


  • NASA
  • Boeing
  • Ball Aerospace
  • Cisco
  • ESA
  • DLR
  • CNES
  • Lockheed-Martin
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Loral
  • MDA
  • Thales Alenia
  • Airborne


  • MS, Electrical Engineering, The George Washington University
  • MSA, Research and Development Management, The George Washington University
  • BSE, Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences/Engineering Physics, Princeton University