Jens has over 40 years experience in Aerospace Design Engineering & Technology Development. A former Airbus Director of Structural Engineering and an IPT Leader for Fuselage & Empennage at Airbus’ Large Aircraft Division in Toulouse, he went on to become the Director of the A380 Vertical Tailplane in Hamburg. In 2004, Jens became Director of Aerospace Product Strategy & Development with Alcoa in the USA where he developed several next generation aircraft material technologies. Today, as an Hawksland Associate, Jens provides a range of consuting services advising clients on Architecture, Advanced Materials and Technologies for next generation Aircraft. He is often called upon to provide Structural Design Concepts, Principles and Requirements for aircraft as well as performing Engineering evaluation of Build Concepts for Final Assembly Line selection. He also performs technology and material down-select studies; conducts weight and cost savings studies and conducts peer reviews with clients own engineering teams. Jens  often features as a keynote speaker giving talks and lectures at international aerospace symposiums, conferences and universities. Recently Jens has been an advisor to COMAC on the next generation single aisle 919 aircraft and on India’s new Regional Jet Aircraft Programme. Jens operates out of our Los Angeles location.  


  • Concept Design
  • Flight Physics
  • Design Engineering
  • Stress Engineering
  • Material Technologies
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Engineering


  • Airbus
  • Alcoa
  • VFW Fokker
  • MBB


  • Hannover Technical University, Germany; Dipl.-Ing.